100% UP TO 400€

1. RELOAD-Bonus: 100% UP TO 400€ - wager free + 70 Freispiele

2. RELOAD-Bonus: 100%UP TO 300€ - wager free + 50 Freispiele

3. RELOAD-Bonus: 100% UP TO 300€ - wager free + 50 Freispiele


Welcome to a whole new world of online casino! 🎰


The dream of a modern casino, with a focus on fun and enjoyment, the desire for the widest selection of games and maximum winnings for players – that’s how it began


Viggoslots is one of the most modern casinos on the market with a fresh look, new ideas and the desire to make the world of gaming a unique and incomparable experience. The principle: Play to win.

Viggo takes this concept to a whole new level!


Viggo’s claim: To offer a terrific online casino on the market! The mission is to give you as a customer pure joy. And what inspires customers more than one

simple, safe and visually appealing casino? Win!

That’s why Viggoslots has designed special bonuses and best of all: there are prizes for everyone! They vary the different types of bonuses, cashbacks, gifts and checks every day and all year round.


They provide easy orientation within the largest collection of online games

constant update of the latest games and an enormous gaming security. Viggo decided to create a huge variety of games available on the market and bring only the best game providers. With a strong focus on customer service, working in security is a natural part of the company. They attach great importance to responsible gaming and pay close attention to customers in this regard. Viggoslots adheres to the guidelines within the EU.


The focus is on customer service and customer satisfaction: you are all around

the clock available for you. The website is also the focus of the customer. Viggo aims to be a fully satisfying experience – visually appealing and an extremely fun and enjoyable experience. Therefore, only the best games were selected. All bonuses are specially conceived and designed by the casino to give you the best experience as a customer.


The Viggoslots team has years of experience and a wide range of knowledge across the gaming industry. After many years of work, they realized what the market was missing and designed Viggo specifically based on customer requests. The focus here is on gaming safety, satisfaction, enjoyment and great profit. People come to Viggo to have fun. What better way to do this than through the

Providing the best service, the most professional casino and the biggest payouts? 🤑

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