It’s finally starting, now it’s time to keep your fingers crossed and hit the jackpot! 💰

For every 250x hit by Anna on Twitch, €10 goes into the jackpot. At 500x it’s €20 and at 750x it’s €30 💸 (Tournaments and bonus buys that cost over 100x are excluded!)

The money in the jackpot is accumulated until she reaches a 1.000x hit, then drawn directly in the chat. To enter, once the giveaway runs, you must „!ticket 1“ Write in the chat on Twitch and your name is in the win. 🍀

The payment is made directly via Stake.
Requirements to receive the prize:
You must be registered with Stake via Anna’s link: https://bit.ly/3eKcybx ✅

By registering you also get a TOP welcome bonus of 200% from a deposit of €250 ON TOP 🥳

Much luck! 🤑